By - Dr. yogesh trivedi
About Mentor …
  1. Received BDS degree in 1981 & MDS (Conservative & Endodontics) degree in 1983 from Government dental college & hospital, Ahmedabad.
  2. Has 36 years of vast clinical experience and expertise & He is the founder of Aditya Dental Clinic, Ahmedabad.
  3. Pioneer in performing micro- endodontic procedures using dental operating microscope.
  4. He is the founder of ‘ENDODONTIC EXCELLENCE’- A body to train and enhance the skills of dental practitioners in the field of modern clinical endodontics.
  5. Has been lecturing and conducting the exclusive endodontic courses & workshops at both state and national level for more than 30 years.
  6. Ex-Professor at College of dental sciences & research centre, Bopal in the dept. of conservative dentistry & Endodontics.
  7. Has given education to 1000’s of undergraduate and postgraduate students at different institutes in his career.
  8. Recipient of many awards for proficiency in Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics.

A Two Days Certified Course

It comprises of….

  1. Lectures
  2. Videos
  3. Case Discussions
  4. Demonstrations
  5. Hands on Sessions
  6. Interactive Q/A Sessions

* Unique Features of the Course *
  1. Limited number of seats in each batch for Quality learning Experience.
  2. Highly Experienced Mentor- has mentored two generations of Dentists.
  3. Chance to work with Loupes
  4. Exposure to Microscope along with Microscopic Demonstration
  5. Demonstration of latest Irrigation Devices.
  6. Multiple Hands-On Sessions- “Most important part of Training”
  7. Post Course Back Up for Difficulties.
* By the end of course, You will be able to… *
  1. Perform Painless/Prompt RCT
  2. ‘Choose and Use’ Endodontic Instruments..
    Hand/Rotary/Combination of both
    (based on canal anatomy)
  3. Cleaning of Canal including Accessory Canals
  4. Leak proof 3D Obturation
  5. Decide & Do various types of..
    Post Endo Restoration for ‘long term’ stable success
  6. Handle Geriatric-Pediatric RCT

Topics Covered
  1. Diagnosis of Interesting Cases & How they were Demystified-Listen - Patient is telling you the Diagnosis.
  2. Pre Operative X-ray - Invaluable piece of Information.
  3. Establish Cheap & Full proof Sterilization chain in your Clinic.
  4. Problems with Anesthesia?
    Sure shots ways of achieving deep pulpal Anesthesia in every single case.
  5. Is Rubber Dam application difficult & Time consuming?
    2 minute method for safer and faster endodontics.
  6. Importance & Methods of Pre Endo. Built Up.
  7. “Access for Success”
    Easiest ways of Access Opening in every tooth.
  8. Tricks & Tips to find all canals -
    Including MB-2, mid mesial …
  9. Concepts of working length & width.
  1. Are Ultrasonics for Scaling only?
    Learn uses of ultrasonic in Endo. & Expand the utility of your Ultrasonic machine.
  2. Various Finger Movements for using Endo. Instruments - Filing , Watch winding, Balanced force
  3. Own Glide path up to apex & Win the game of Endo. - Personally time tested & predictable methods.
  4. Shaping the Canal
    Step back & Crown down with Hand/NiTi Rotary/Hybrid method.
  5. Newer Interesting Chemicals for - Dentine repair, Irrigation, Intra-canal medicament.
  6. Newer Devices & Chemicals for latest Irrigation methods.
  7. Irrigation Protocol for vital & Non-vital tooth.
  8. Is Post & Crown necessary in all RC treated teeth?
    Learn science of ‘Post Endo. Filling’ for long lasting results.

What You Should Bring?
  1. Unmounted Extracted teeth- Incisor, Premolar & Molars.
  2. Air-Rotor Hand piece
  3. Micromotor with Hand piece
What We will Provide?
  1. All other required Equipment and Material.
  2. Academy Accredited Program Certificate


Aditya Dental Clinic
S-6, Balaji Centre, 2nd floor, Opp. Gurukul, Drive-in Road, Ahmedabad-380052

Contact Details-

Aditya Dental Clinic
079 27490781

For more details ..

Email: trivediy@ymail.com

Website: www.adityadentalclinic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/adityadentalclinic

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